We believe data (quantitative analysis) + observations & experiences (qualitative analysis) = innovation.

Here are some of the resources we call upon in shaping our work to build resilient communities.

The City of Geneva recently adopted a Comprehensive Plan that takes a critical, yet constructive, look at housing and economic conditions and identifies priorities to chart a path forward. BluePrint Geneva's work draws heavily from the data and analysis contained in the document. Our Executive Director and Board members were active members of the steering committee for the plan.








The Economic Innovation Group looks at the connection between a community's economic well-being and the health, demographics, public assistance needs, educational attainment, and political representation of local residents. This data is mapped, tracked, and made available for analysis. We admire their approach and want to learn from their work. This map shows Geneva's current status relative to other US communities.

Next City provides daily online coverage of the leaders, policies and innovations driving progress in metropolitan regions across the world. Their journalism keeps us up to date on what's working, and what remains a challenge, in urban communities.