Economic Opportunity

Tax Preparation Services

We had a very successful 2018 tax filing season, providing no-cost preparation and no-fee refund advances to Geneva residents. Are you interested in volunteering to prepare taxes? It's not difficult to do and it's very rewarding! If you'd like to volunteer, send us an email and we'll be in touch with more information. The program is held at the Geneva Public Library. It isn't a huge commitment of time, and the scheduling is flexible. We hope to have you on board with us!

Financial Literacy and Education

We realize that receiving a large tax refund can be a life-changing moment for low income families. To help with this, we are putting together financial literacy materials that can help people plan for their goals and make the most of the money they are receiving. Here are a couple of good jumping off points:

  • A general financial planning guide, free and reliable from the American Institute of CPAs.
  •, a free budgeting and bill tracking program that can help you establish and keep goals, including improving and monitoring your credit score.
  • is an investment tool for the average person. By connecting to your bank account it rounds up your daily purchases and invests that money in either a portfolio that you can access at any time, or a longer-term retirement account. Of all of "round up" investment apps, Acorns has the best reviews and the lowest fees.