BluePrint Geneva, Inc.




BluePrint Geneva, Inc. develops housing, community development, and employment solutions to help residents of Geneva and the greater Finger Lakes region build equity, access opportunities, and be partners in creating a resilient community.


Affordable Housing Solutions

Affordable, quality housing can be a reality if properly planned and implemented.  By focusing on principles of sustainability and intentional living, BluePrint Geneva, Inc. is committed to providing premium housing choices.


SHARED Solar Assets

If you don't have the space to install solar panels on your home, lack the finances to buy into a solar farm, or don't own your property but still want to reduce your energy bill and carbon footprint, BluePrint Geneva, Inc. has a solution for you.  By bearing the upfront cost and risk of solar asset development, low- and moderate- income residents can purchase power from BluePrint and still receive the benefits of going green.


technology solutions

BluePrint Geneva, Inc. seeks to bridge the digital divide by providingcommunity-based internet connectivity.  With reliable internet access comes the ability to access additional technology, such as energy monitoring apps., that enhance quality of life and reduce housing and utility costs.


small Business development

The entrepreneurial spirit is growing in Geneva!  BluePrint is developing a portfolio of business development solutions to help small businesses aggregate their needs and gain the efficiency and value of shared effort.  Pre-employment programs help to bring community members together to tackle critical issues while building skills.